Busted Shovel Birdhouse Company - About Us
The Busted Shovel Birdhouse Co. was established in the summer of 2008. Inspired by the southwest and the beautiful aged wood that has been discarded in this area. Stephen and Stephanie looked within and found the creativity needed to build these rustic gems. Each creation is an original, using no plans. The wood, shovel or pitch fork (warped and cracked and rusted) lends inspiration needed for the final outcome of each birdhouse.

Stephen studied art, woodworking and photography in Southern California but his love for the southwest brought him back to New Mexico where he was raised. Stephanie started painting on rocks at the tender age of three. Studied art in Albuquerque and was inspired by her mother who is an accomplished artist herself. Stephanie took her talent and opened What About the Flowers? in Cedar Crest where she hones her talent as a florist. Together they have created beautiful back yard art for you and our feathered friends.

All creations are unique and the pictures are of work that we have done and can be done for you. If you still have one of Dad or Grandpa's old shovel or forks and would like to enhance your garden then send your treasure to us and we will attach a rustic house on it and send it back to you. If you want to be part of the creative process then take a picture of it. Email Stephen and Stephanie. Include your phone number so we can call you back and discuss this new abode. All houses will have a method to clean out last years nest in the form of a secret door.

When returning to this site be sure to refresh your browser as we may have added new pages and we want you to see all that we have.

Thanks for visiting,

Stephen & Stephanie