Busted Shovel Birdhouse Company - The ??

The ??

This little red truck is waiting for a name and you can help. It is easy, just visit us on facebook and join the fun by giving us your suggestion for a name. Fan us while you are there!

No Tonka trucks were harmed in this conversion. In fact the original body holes were used to attach the house. This allows the house to be separated so that the Tonka restorer could have fun freshening the body to it original luster. We on the other hand procured it for it's played with charm.

The apex fascias for the front and rear of the roof are 50s cupboard ecussions and the rear access door is attached with chrome hinge and spring latch. If desired a barbed wire hoop will attach to the apex facia and will be included upon request. Shingles and wood are from a reclaimed cedar fence.

Click the thumbnail for different view. This particular house is now ready for imediate shipping!

Interested in customizing this design? Contact us and and let us know!

$95.00 plus $6.95 shipping